Introducing the Great Wall Motors Shanhai Cannon Ute to Australia

GWM Shanhai Cannon

China’s Great Wall Motors is considering bringing the impressive GWM Shanhai Cannon to Australian markets, with the possibility of its arrival by year-end. Sized larger than the popular Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger double cabs in Australia, yet slightly smaller than the Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado pickups, this behemoth from China could soon grace local showrooms.

Great Wall Motors has disclosed that the GWM Shanhai Cannon is presently being evaluated for the Australian market and has already dispatched a test vehicle Down Under. The vehicle is available in China with a selection of powertrain options, including a twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, a 2.4-liter turbo diesel, and a 2.0-liter turbo petrol hybrid system.

While the choice of powertrain for the Australian market remains undisclosed, as does the definitive name for the vehicle, it’s noteworthy that the term “Shanhai” translates to “mountains and seas” in Chinese. There’s speculation that the Australian moniker could be “GWM Ute Cannon XL,” possibly capitalizing on the triumph of the standard GWM Cannon model.

Representatives from GWM Haval recently revealed that the GWM Shanhai could be a game-changer in the Australian utility vehicle market. The spokesperson stated, “Our current ute has been performing admirably and resonates with a diverse clientele. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the demand for a more upscale offering in the utility segment. The Shanhai is poised to deliver an expansive interior, amplified dimensions, and an array of standard features that set it apart from its counterparts.”

According to prior reports, the GWM Shanhai Cannon boasts dimensions of 5440mm in length, 1991mm in width, and 1924mm in height, supported by a wheelbase spanning 3350mm. This positions it as 30mm longer, 57mm wider, and 38mm taller than the existing GWM Ute model, thanks to a wheelbase elongated by 120mm. With these measurements, the GWM Shanhai Cannon aims to carve a niche in the upper echelons of the utility market, offering an enticing prospect for Australian buyers seeking a capacious and feature-rich vehicle.


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