Installation & Warranty Gurantee

At AutoFlare we truly understand what your ride means to you (it means a lot to us too!). The thrill that comes from transforming your ride into the beauty or beast is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially when your vision take form. To get the best possible results from your investments with our products, we highly recommend the professional installation of all parts. We are not saying you can’t do it, but with having the knowledge, correct tools and equipment will help ensure for long-lasting fitment.


Your order will be processed within 1-3 business days

With paint and/or installation orders, we will contact you via email to book in your ride for fitment.

Generally, we can accommodate this within 3 business days of your order being placed.

For orders requiring shipping, AutoFlare has partnered with a trusted courier service to have your parts on the road to you within a few days.

Care of products

Like everything in life care must be taken to ensure longevity, our parts are no different. Be sure not to use high pressure hoses when cleaning your parts. After washing it is important to dry the parts/accessories thoroughly, especially around the tape areas. If your parts are painted in a Matt finish paint, be sure not to use polish products to clean the parts as this will add gloss to the painted surface. If there are bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap or industrial fallout on your paintwork or Matt finish parts remove immediately using a soft wet micro-fibre cloth. Click here for more information on environment effects on paintwork.

Installation Process Guidelines

Please note all installation processes provided by AutoFlare are guidelines only. If installing yourself, care must be taken to ensure the longevity of the parts purchased from AutoFlare and the process for installation.

Head Lights and/or Tail Light Trims click here.

Body Moulds click here.

Wheel Arch Flares click here.

Bonnet Scoop click here.