Roar 610 Extreme Cut Compound (1KG)

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Roar 610 Extreme Cut Compound (1KG)

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Ride suffering some scatches from all that off-roading you have been doing? To the rescue is Roar's 610 Extreme Cut Compound. 

How does it work?

Roar 610 Extreme Cut Compound works with ease providing a fast, high gloss finish. The product removes the fine fragments on paintwork with the dual-action combination of cutting and polishing all in the one product.

For best results, we recommend using in combination with the second step process of Roar 630 Extreme Speed Wax to leave a swirl-free finish and applying with a high-quality microfibre cloth.

About Roar Polishing

All Roar products have been specifically designed using a fully automated computer-controlled manufacturing system for the trade industry.

Compared to retail automotive refinishing products, Roar focuses on the development of its products to a high-level performance to truly understands the nature of the surface being applied to.

Roar Polishing is made and manufactured in the UK and recently has been introduced to the Australian market.