Installation & Warranty Gurantee

At AutoFlare we truly understand what your ride means to you (it means a lot to us too!). The thrill that comes from transforming your ride into the beauty or beast is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially when your vision take form. To get the best possible results from your investments with our products, we highly recommend the professional installation of all parts. We are not saying you can't do it, but with having the knowledge, correct tools and equipment will help ensure for long-lasting fitment. 

What happens after you place your order?
The AutoFlare team will process your order the next business day. With paint and/or installation orders, we will contact you via email to book in your ride for fitment. Generally, we can accommodate this within 3 business days of your order being placed. For orders requiring shipping, AutoFlare has partnered with a trusted courier service to have your parts on the road to you within a few days.


All Matt paint finished products carry a 12-month warranty. All parts installed by AutoFlare Pty Ltd carry a 12-month warranty on fitment. All custom painted parts that AutoFlare Pty Ltd has painted in their workshop have a two-year warranty on paintwork. Following standard part warranty/guarantee, AutoFlare Pty Ltd will not warrant parts and/or painted parts that have suffered stone chips, scratches, colour distortion (from use) or lack of care/neglect. 

Our warranty and returns for products requiring fitment do not extend beyond the purchase price of the product. Once product/s has been removed from original packaging, it is solely the customer's responsibility to check for any marks, scratches and/or damage prior to the customer installing. AutoFlare Pty Ltd does not offer warranty/refund claims for products that have been previously fitted and/or modified to a vehicle by customer and/or non professional install. The products AutoFlare Pty Ltd sell should only be installed by a professional and/or qualified person.

At AutoFlare Pty Ltd our qualified spray painters in-house colour match and mix up paint per individual order. We use Spies Hecker, one of the world's leading paint manufactures to paint parts from the paint code, paint name or paint colour provided by the customer. In some instances, even when a paint code, paint name, paint colour has been provided to us by the customer, colour variation may appear in the products we sell (paint). Paint colour may vary when applied to different materials (for example between plastic of our products and metal parts on the car), resulting in a potential colour difference. This colour variation is considered acceptable in Automotive Industry standards. Click here for more information about colour variation.

A little about our paint partner, the phenomenal Spices Hecker:

Spies Hecker is both a recommended and preferred paint system for almost every vehicle manufacturer worldwide. The Spies Hecker water-based system AutoFlare uses provides both a better paint finish to that of the non-water-based system and is more environmentally conscious.

"Spies Hecker has been writing paint history for more than 135 years. With futuristic products for car and commercial vehicle repairs, we are one of the leading suppliers in this field today. We have a long tradition of pioneering the major paint developments of era. From coach paint in 1882 to the modern vehicle refinish, Spies Hecker has come a long way. From these beginnings to today, customer-driven technical solutions and a close, cooperative relationship have always been at the core of our philosophy." Spies Hecker

Contact us via email at if you require further assistance. 

Care of products

Like everything in life care must be taken to ensure longevity, our parts are no different. Be sure not to use high pressure hoses when cleaning your parts. After washing it is important to dry the parts/accessories thoroughly, especially around the tape areas. If your parts are painted in a Matt finish paint, be sure not to use polish products to clean the parts as this will add gloss to the painted surface. If there are bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap or industrial fallout on your paintwork or Matt finish parts remove immediately using a soft wet micro-fibre cloth. Click here for more information on environment effects on paintwork. 

Any questions regarding your products or general inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at, we really do thrive on helping our customers.

Installation Process Guidelines

Please note all installation processes provided by AutoFlare are guidelines only. If installing yourself, care must be taken to ensure the longevity of the parts purchased from AutoFlare and the process for installation.

If you require for further information or have inquires, please email us at

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