What happens after you place your order?
The AutoFlare team will process your order the next business day. With paint and/or installation orders, we will contact you via email to book in your ride for fitment. Generally, we can accommodate this within 3 business days of your order being placed. For orders requiring shipping, AutoFlare has partnered with a trusted courier service to have your parts on the road to you within a few days.

Installation at AutoFlare

We recommend dropping and leaving your ride at our workshop during the installation. We will notify you when your order is ready for installation.

Please note all installation bookings will be confirmed to customer by AutoFlare. Installation is available Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm. Saturday by appointment.

Full Flare Set: Installation in our workshop will take approximately 4-5 hours 

Door Mould Set: Installation in our workshop will take approximately 2-3 hours

Head Light & Tail Light Trims: Installation in our workshop will take approximately 2 hours

Bonnet Scoop: Installation in our workshop will take approximately 2 hours

How long does it take for my parts to be custom painted before shipped or ready for installation at AutoFlare?

Once your order has been confirmed with paint code, paint colour or paint name, it generally takes around 2-3 working days for us to custom paint your order.

Where are the parts painted?

All custom paintwork is painted at our workshop spray booth in North Rocks, NSW.

What paint company does AutoFlare use for custom paintwork?

All custom paintwork done by AutoFlare uses Spies Hecker paint. 

I've received my custom paint parts and noticed a potential colour variation. Is this normal?

At AutoFlare our qualified spray painters in-house colour match and mix up paint per individual order. We use Spies Hecker, one of the worlds leading paint manufactures to paint parts from the paint code, paint name or paint colour provided by the customer. In some instances even when a paint code, paint name, paint colour has been provided to us by the customer, colour variation may appear in the products we sell. Paint colour may vary when applied to different materials (for example between plastic of our products and metal parts on the car), resulting in a potential colour difference. This colour variation is considered automotive industry standard and acceptable.

What are the best practices for care of products?

We highly recommend not using a high pressure hose to clean the body of your ride. The pressure of a high pressure hose can in rare situations get underneath the paint layers, causing the paint to lift aware from the surface of the part. In this circumstance you may notice the paint begin to peel.

If by bad luck your ride has suffered from bird droppings or eggs, immediately remove the as the acidity in the bird dropping starts to 'eat' away the paint layers and the egg particles are like very tine sharp pieces when crushed against the surface of your ride/body accessories. For more information  on ways to protect your paintwork (8 environment effects) click here or visit our blog page. 

Am I able to collect from AutoFlare directly?

Defiantly, you can collect your order from our workshop. We are located in North Rocks, NSW. Confirmation of collection of your order will be confirmed via email, advising of collection time. 

What is your location?

We are located in North Rocks, NSW (near to Parramatta).


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