AutoFlare Custom Work

AutoFlare is the place to go where the products you order can be custom to the way you desire. Your options are as endless as your imagination.


Got yourself a black Mercedes X-Class? Let's us paint the flares and door moulds in lush AMG Green (the paint company we use, Spies Hecker is a Mercedes recommended paint manufacture).

Rocking a Ford XLT Ranger? Let's pull every accent trim off your car, add in some flares, bonnet scoop, headlight and tail light trims and paint them Dyno Grey just like the Ford Raptor.


Tired of the colour of your wheels? Let us help you find a new perfect colour....


Door handles or mirror covers now don't match with your new styling accessories or you simply want them a new colour? We can help you!

Its unique, its different and its the way YOU want. 


Black Styling Package:

  • Grille including painting of air condenser (this really makes the front end pop!)
  • Front Bar Lower -Rear Bar Step
  • All Badges (Tailgate, Guards, Bonnet, Grille)
  • Wheels
  • Side Steps
  • AutoFlare's Wheel Arch Set -Door Handles
  • Door Waist Moulds -Roof Rail Moulds
  • Tailgate Handle
  • + AutoFlare's Slim Door Visors

Enter your details and images below, letting us know what customization you are after on your ride. We look forward to be able to assist you the best way we can.