Ford Ranger Style Modifications by AutoFlare

The Ford Ranger currently is still holding second top spot of Australia's best-selling vehicles with the Ranger’s wide choice of models in the market. Although the Ford Ranger is already a stylish ute choice, if you are looking to make your Ranger unique why not enhance the style of your Ford Ranger with AutoFlare styling options.

Wondering what styling of your Ford Ranger to modify? Check out our list below or visit

1. Wheel Arch Flare Kits

AutoFlare currently stocks PX1, PX2 and PX3 model Rangers with two options of sleek OEM style flare or if requiring a bigger flare, the beast looking bolt style would be ideal. The bolt style flare is suitable if you have or are looking to put bigger tyres on your Ranger. Both styles of flares are finished a black ABS plastic or with AutoFlare you can go even further by custom painting the flares to ANY colour that suits you! We only paint per order and all parts are painted in-house in our spray booth. All the wheel arch flare options AutoFlare stocks are non-intrusive to the wheel arches. This means, no drilling in your guards or tub quarter panels, rather they apply on with double-sided tape and screws attached within the arches. 

2. Grilles

The ever popular Ford Ranger aftermarket grille transforms your front end to more of a Raptor-style finish. This simple style change sees a whole new style meaning to your Ford Ranger. AutoFlare also stocks for the PX3 a LED light ‘RANGER’ displayed in the Grille. 

3. Head & Tail Light Trims

AutoFlare’s headlight and taillight trims can transfer your Ford Ranger with a simple style edition or create a complete style modification along-side other options, such as wheel arch flares or a bonnet scoop. The trims are easy to attach to your lights by simple double-sided taped providing a non-intrusive style addition. They are finished in a sleek ABS plastic or AutoFlare can custom paint in-house to any colour of your liking. 

4. Bonnet Scoop

Hello beast! For the Ford Ranger models, AutoFlare has a couple of different options. The classic black ABS finished scoop (which can be custom painted) or the Carbon Fibre Bolt Style finish. This Carbon Fibre Bolt Style Bonnet Scoop is the perfect style tie with the Bolt Style Wheel Arch Flare. The Bonnet Scoops are also non-intrusive to the Bonnet, simply attached with double-sided tape. 

5. Door Moulds

Door moulds are both stylish and practical. If you truly use your Ford Ranger for its 4X4 capabilities you are bound to end up with a few love-scratches down the side. The door moulds will provide an extra level of protection for the paint work on your doors. However, we love them for the style they provide! They are a great addition to a set of Wheel Arch Flares as they continue the style along the side on the Ranger, and also can be custom painted.

6. Custom Paint Work

AutoFlare specialises in the custom paint of your ride to your style choice. If you want to change the colour of your badges, grilles, side steps, inserts, mirror caps or door handles, we are more than happy to assist. We also don’t just mask these parts on your vehicle, we remove them, prep for paint, paint the items in our in-house spray booth and then re-fit. This ensures a quality finish by removing those unnecessary and unwanted mask lines and preventing them from faking. 

Please contact us at or visit us at  if you need any additional details, have any questions, or simply just need help deciding what style modifications to do! We are located in North Rocks, Sydney. If you don’t live near us, AutoFlare still has the capabilities to courier your orders, even custom paint requests.

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